Friday news

So, its time for friday news. Are you ready to be amazed?
I have to share these nailpolishes with you all because they are amazing and really expensive. I would really want these but I’m not a millionare so thats probably not going to happen. 😉

First up, we got the platinum polish from Essie called “I do”. They say it’s made out of pure platinum and the pricetag? Well, its about $55,000. 😉

Next one is a 24k gold nailpolish. It has been hand made and its called “gold rush” and comes from Models own. Just imagine to have liquid gold painted on your nails. The price for one bottle are $130,000.

Last of all the glamouros nailpolishes we got the “The king of black diamonds”. It’s a one of a kind diamond infused nailpolish and it contains 267 carats of diamonds in the bottle. So if you want to buy this you will get really poor but your nails will sparkle like diamonds, litteraly. And the price for this polish are $250,000.



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