Some practice

Trying to get this onestroke nailart tecnique to work for me. It’s really annoying that I always mess things up and that I need to buy new acrylic paint.





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2 responses to “Some practice

  1. Is that your first attempt? If so, WOW! It looks really nice! I’m looking for the perfect acrylic paint. I’m not al that enthusiastic about the ones I now have. What kind of acrylic paint you use?

    • I have been doing some paintings with this tecnique, but at nails it’s alot smaller. I bought some paint at some online store (can’t remember wich) and I’m not that satisfied with it. Trying to find the right one and I think it has to be kinda watery and yet has a great coverage. And yes, thats my first attemp on nails 😉

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