Nailpolish monday

Time for monday, this boring day that starts the week all over again. Today you can say it really was monday because both my son and I overslept and had to stress alot this morning. But now I’m here sitting and trying to destress.
Went throu my nailpolish box this weekend and removed bad and overaged nailpolish. But I found some goodies to.
This polish comes from depend and looks really cool. I had a hard time trying to take a good picture of it, think it is time to upgrade from my iphone camera.
It is a pink metallic polish and really hard to get neat, it was getting a bit to creamy. The metallic looks great and it shimmers in blue.
I took 2 fotos, one with my table light and one in daylight.


You can hardly see how the nailpolish looks like in real.
And here are a nailart to go with that polish. I used a big and a small dotting tool to create dotts in a dark purple polish.



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