Perfect manicure that lasts?

Just been visiting your manicurist, feeling like a queen and want to show the whole world your beautiful nails? Well you can actually have this feeling for a long time just by following some easy steps.
Loads of women ignores the manicurist advice of homecare and then blames the manicurist for a bad work. But if theese women where wise enough to take the homecare advice more seriously some manicurist would’nt be out of buisness. So here comes a few steps on how to keep your manicure as good as new for a long time.

  • Hand cream and nail oil. Use these a couple of times during the day. Massage your hands and fingertips to maintain a good blood circulation in arms and hands.
  • Topcoat. Apply topcoat on your nails, twice or more per week to keep the french manicure or polish from getting ruind.
  • Gloves. Use gloves when dealing with housecleaning.
  • Tools. Do not use the nails as tools!
  • Biting. Do not bite on your nails or the surronding skin.

If following these small steps you can have healthy, good loocking nails for a long time. And for the handy women, a white polish to refresh the french manicure can come in handy to. šŸ˜‰
Have a nice day all.



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