So, been to the doctor this morning and as usual they took my blood. The nurses laught at me because I’m a needle fobic and almost faints when I see them. Haha, I’m glad that I can give someone a good laugh. 😉
I tried to do this converse nail art for the first time. I did add some “Kiyomi” to it, but there are a few misstakes. Better luck next time.

I found a great blue polish in my nail polish stash, it looks like liquid metal when you paint with it. Thou, the name of it and the color are scraped of, so have no idea what the polish comes from. But it is a really good looking color ;). Well thats all for today. And to all the lovely ladies out there: Have a lovley day.



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2 responses to “Wihho

  1. So cool! I bet they look stunning on more ’round’ shaped nails. I want to do this for a long time, but really don’t want to trim my nails round…
    Ps: glad you survived the needle 😀

    • Yeah, didnt want to do them round either. But I have to improve this design so I’ll probably gonna do them on full coverd tips instead of my own.
      Haha yeah, I’m still alive 😉

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