Pedicure yourself

All of us sometimes needs a good old pedicure for that little extra feeling and comfort. Here follows an easy guide on how to do a pedicure yourself.

What you are going to need:

  • Bowl, large enough to fit your feet or a foot spa
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cuticle softner/remover
  • File
  • Cuticle pusher/Manicure stick
  • Foot cream
  • Base and Top coats
  • Nail polish of choice
  • Nail oil/ Cuticle cream

Lets start:

  • Start by placing your feet in the spa. Let them soak for a couple of minutes.
  • Take one foot and remove any polish, file and shape nails. Apply cuticle remover and put the foot back in spa. Do all above to the other foot.
  • Take the first foot, push back cuticle and remove dead skin on nail plate. Place the foot back to spa and repeat the above to other foot.
  • Once done on both feet, remove the from spa and dry with a towel.
  • Apply nail polish and Nail oil.
  • Take foot cream and massage your feet. This step are alot better if you have a nice boyfriend or husband that are nice enough to massage feet.

And thats it. Just as you take care of your hands you should also take a good care of your feet. Just imagine how it would feel to be in their shoes all day long. (Ha ha)

Have a nice day.


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