Bad day…

Sunday. The day that ends every week. This night was a bad night, didnt get much sleep because of my son. He came up into our bed at 3 am and decided to kick me in my back. Took him about 2 hours to get asleep again and for me it took about 4. But my bf took him out to the playground this morning so I could sleep until 12. Havent sleept that long since I was a teen, but it was so nice.

I’m also gonna share my fall nailart with you. These are gel nails with watercolor painting. I used a pastel purple gel for the background and I’ve put glitter in it. The glitter was really hard to get a good capture of, but it’s purple and changes color depending on the light. From purple to blue, green, yellow and orange. Really beautiful. And here they are:


These 2 pics are without gel topcoat.

With topcoat and darker lighting.

With topcoat and tried to capture the glitter, but as I said, it was really hard.
Have a nice evening all 😉


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