Declutter and decorate!

Yesterday went bad! Had a friend over for visit and we took a walk to the shopping mall to get some groceries. When I got back home my head went boom and the migraine was a fact. So the hole afternoon and evening I was laying in bed and hoped I could just fall asleep ( not so easy when it feels like your head is being attacked by nuclear bombs ).

Today I felt that I had to make up for the time I lost yesterday.
Started with heading to Martha Stewards website to get some inspiration. And yeah, I got loads of inspiration!
I decided that I would start declutter my entire home. I honestly thought this would be an easy project, but as I started I realized that this “little” project of mine probably gonna take a little longer then I thought.
I started out in our bedroom as I thought it would be easiest. Until I saw our closet!
I honestly cant belive how it looked. So not as easy as I thought.
Started to take it all down and went throu everything ( yep, everything! ).
I labeld everything so that the mess that lived there never returns!
Heres the after pics ( to emberesed to show before ones ).


I also switched the old curtains that covered the closet into something happier then the gray that was there.

Then I turned around, and it was a big mess there to.

I had this idea of making it more like a chabby chick style and I honestly think I did pretty good. Theres one thing missing thou, and thats the candle holder in between the flowers.

The cost of all this? Well, nothing! I had it all home, belive it or not. It’s amazing what you can find when you take time to go through everything.

Have a lovely evening ^.^


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