Snow, snow and more snow.

If it wasnt for a doctors appointment I would never had left home this morning.
But lucky me I didnt had to take bus or train anywhere today. I could walk to the places I needed to be.
It has been a chaotic day here in sweden with all possible accidents with all sorts of vehicles. Trucks in ditches, cars not been able to get away from parkinglots, trains cancled, buses not even getting out of garages and even the big airport Arlanda was closed. All of this due to a really bad snow storm.
The whole public service transport has been closed or 1-2 hours delayed. All buss traffic was shot down because they couldnt drive on the roads. The trains got of tracks at 2 places and had to shoot down. The one thing almost working was the subway, but ofcourse maybe because its mainly under ground. The hole town I live in has been chaotic.

But it amazes me that even when news on tv, radio and police on facebook have given warnings about this storm for 2 days. That you should stay at home and not get outside and that taking a car to work would be a bad idea, people are still doing all those things and then complain.
Complain on what? That you are stupid enough to get out even thou they have warned for this to happen?
Ohh well, strange how people think sometimes.

This is from my doctors waiting room. You cant really see, but it snows sideways.

This is when I got down for a smoke. I took a photo of the forest beyond the first trees, but you cant really tell because its all white.

There should be benches and a playground, but they’ve been burried in snow. And here there actually was strings in snow where you could walk.


First photo is of my porce and second one of my kitchen window. Yep, alot of snow.
Well, good thing is I dont have to hit the gym for a couple of days. Walking through 30 cm of unplowed snow is not something to recomend. But an awesome workout for your legs.
That got a bit long, but as I said. It has been a chaotic day, not for me but for everyone else that got stuck in traffic or thoose that’s still stuck after 4-5 hours.
Have a nice evening and I hope you have a better weatherday then we have in sweden. ^.^



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3 responses to “Snow, snow and more snow.

  1. wow! where do you live?

  2. oh! I just saw it…. sweden!

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