I’m back!

I’m sorry for taking an unannounced break, but I feel it was for the better. I have been sick (still are) and needed to spend some time with my family. Christmas is getting really close and it’s a holiday for family, so I might not update as much as before. I will probably get back for real in january.

I’m still going on with the IG christmas challange, and here are my latest pics.
For the ugly sweater day I had to google a pic because I have no idea what an ugly sweater looks like since we doesnt have those traditions here in sweden. I found this pic and found it hillarious:

And the nails turned out like this:


I skipped one day due to illnes with fever and coughing, didnt feel like getting polish all over my hands.
So, the next one after that was candy canes. This mani turned out amazing, and here they are:

Have a nice day, see you next time ^.^



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4 responses to “I’m back!

  1. I love both of these! The ugly sweater is hilarious šŸ™‚ But you pulled it off nicely on your nails!

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