Soon to be…

… Christmas, ofcourse. Still sick thou, but It’s getting better. I dont cough to much any more, and the pain in my throat are almost gone. I’m hopefull that I will feel good at christmas day after all. It has been a 3 week sickness from hell and I’m so glad that its finally taking a turn and that I’m slovly getting better again.

And I have actually manage to do some nails this week. I did one hand at the time per day. So these nails have been a 4 day project (maybe you now understand just how sick I’ve been).
I had to do my extensions because a 3-4 week outgrown gel nails aint to beauty to look at so that took 2 days.
Then I decided to put on some nail art to, afterall its christmas.
So here are the nails:

Right hand, painted with left hand.
And here’s the other hand:


And as you probably understand, I left the christmas nail art challange from IG in the bookshelf. Because I could’nt turned that off with the circumstances I had.
Have a happy christmas ^.^


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