New year, new….

… opportunities. I feel that I have to belive that. 2012 was not by any chance my year at all and I really hope it all turns around for me now. I’m just tired of all the shit that happens.
So from now on I’m gonna do what I want and not listen to what everyone else want. I’m gonna take controll of MY life and not let anyone else controll it!
With that said we can go on to more interesting things. I just had to puke that up ^.^

This New years eve’s nail art, litteraly it was a pain in the arse. I’m never gonna try to do a onestroke attempt on glitter nails again.


But they look pretty amazing afterall. And the glitter really stands out.
Thats all for tonight. Have fun ^.^



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2 responses to “New year, new….

  1. Your nails came out beautifully! Did you paint the flowers yourself? They look so realistic!

    I think doing what I want is going to be one of my new years reso’s too. Life is too short to put other people first!

    • Thank you. Yeah, painted them with a one stroke tecnique. I learned it throu youtube, search for one stroke nail art. It’s so fun painting this way, but you have to really practise to make it perfect. ^.^

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