Bored, bored and bored…

I’m bored. Outside it’s -17C, so my son just screams NOOO if we go out. Now hes on a nap I got me-time but have absolutley no idea what to do. I got no imagination for nail art, dont got anything to do on computer and on the tv there’s just crap. I dont even got a good movie to look at.

House is clean, laundry’s done. I was out shopping grosseries yesterday so thats done to!

What am I going to do? Have a dressup party all by my self? Put on some music and hope the neighbours get pissed of and come knock on door? Blehh!

What are you all doing when it gets just that boring?


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2 responses to “Bored, bored and bored…

  1. Start reading that book you’ve been wanting to read but never got around to?
    That’s maybe what I would do 🙂

    • Haha. I dont read, cant find the peace. And I always end up making my own story in my mind and have to go back 2 chapters because I have no clue what the book are about. :p

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