In sickness and…

Yeah, its that time of year when me and my son gets every disease that is out there. Right now, some nasty cold with headace, soaring throat and coughing. We have fun times over here ^.^

But, I’ve also been busting my ass off with a new sofa and some other stuff and you can find that on my other blog Ditotillbaka. This blog are in swedish thou, but if I got it all right you have a translate option you can use.

So, for my nails that I actually also have done just before I got sick, I came up with this:

I’ve tried some new things with acrylic extensions instead of tips or gel. I had to extend them because almost all of them broke during my homedecorating.
And on top of the acrylic extension I used gel, filed and shaped. Toped the nails with a design in acrylic paint and some 3d flowers.

Thats all for now, have a nice evening ^.^



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