Cherry blossom nail art tutorial

Cherry Blossom festival coming up this Saturday and to celebrate that I have made a tutorial on cherry blossom nail art.
Also did this because I´ve been away from the blog along time. I haven’t really been the best on updates or even nails of all kinds lately.
And for that reason, some amount of guilt and in real life problems I’m giving you this tutorial. ^.^

So, starting of with what you need:
Base coat, background color, nail art striper polish /or/ Striper brush, acrylic paint /or/ Nail polish, glitter nail polish, dotting tool, top coat.
I´ve used:
Depend base coat, Depend nr 227, Kiss Nail art paint, acrylic colors, viva la diva purple glitter polish, Nails Perfect Top coat and a dotting tool.

1.Started of with base coat and 2 layers of my background color. This is a green polish with tones of blue and glitter in it, but it was really hard to capture the beauty of it.


2. By using kiss nail art paint I started to draw the branches of my trees. This doesn’t have to be neat and perfect because, hey its trees, ever seen perfect straight branches in reality?

3. The I got my acrylic paint, or if you doesn’t have any, use different tones of pink, purple or mix your own by using the polishes you want. Now I started to do dots, a lot of dots. First in light pink then in a mix of light and dark pink and purple and last I used the glitter polish from Viva la Diva.



4. Once done with all the dotting. Apply a top coat and your done. Wihoo ^.^
( And for those of you that have unsteady hand I also have a tutorial for cleanup process right here )



I hope you all are feeling good and take care until next time ^.^



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4 responses to “Cherry blossom nail art tutorial

  1. This is great thank you.

  2. Wonderful tutorial! 😀 Your nails always look so good.

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