Cartoon nails – Tutorial.

Yep, yet another tutorial up. I got such a great respond to my last tutorial I though I´d do another one.

This is a Cartoon nail art that  I’ve seen a lot around the internet. But it wasn’t until Cutepolish did them on her YouTube channel that I got hoked.

You can find her channel on YouTube here and here tutorial here. And also on Instagram: @Cutepolish.

So what you need is:
Base coat, Pink polish, Black polish, White polish and matte top coat. I’ve seen girls using other background colors for this as well, so don’t be afraid to choose yellow or blue for that purpose.

I used: Depend nr: 346 for my pink, Black and White nail art paint from kissUSA and matte top coat from ELF.

1. So start with your base coat and your base color.

2. With your black polish and draw a line around the nail to border them. Cutepolish has some tips and trix for this in her video.

3. Take your white polish and make a fake shine on one of the sides of the nail.

4. To finish this, top it with a matte top coat.

5. And tadaa! Your done!
And ofcourse, thoose of you with unsteady hands can follow this tutorial for cleaning up your mess.

This is so incredible easy design and it looks amazing. Thank you Cutepolish for making the tutorial.
Have a nice day all and take care ^.^


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