Looking back

I just got a little nostalgic.

Was looking through my blog posts and saw how long I have come. Have much better I have become and where I´m heading. I´m amazed of how much I have done, and where I stand at this very moment.

I had some ups and downs, but this blog actually kept me going on, knowing that I´m good at what I do. This blog has strengthen me, made me stronger and made me believe in myself.

When started this blog back in august last year I had no idea what this would mean to me. Sure, I had some monthly lacks of post, started out with an huge amount of updates and was really excited. It turned out to be a job that I wasn’t getting paid for. So I had to tone it down, making less updates and just concentrate on what I really loved. Nail art.

During this period I’ve also been sick, both in physical and mental. The mental sickness took over a lot of times and during those periods I didn’t update at all.

Overall I just want to say a  B I G  Thank You for still following me and not giving up on me, even thou my mind play tricks on me some times.



Ohh, I´ve also added a category for all the tutorials I have and for future ones.

Have a nice day ^.^


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