Yeah ok, here it goes.

I’ve been telling you that I have had a lot to do lately and here comes the story, so for you who don’t have the urge to read you can move on.

I’ve been feeling very low lately. Mostly because some shitty things that’s family related. My mothers sister died in cancer about 3 weeks ago after 4 years of fighting it. She was 1 year younger then me and many questions have swirled around in head. Also been busy in phone talking about life in general with my mom, and tried to be a support for her.

That have taking a lot of time from my “normal” days routine. But now that everything has settled I feel relaxed, but my nail inspiration has fled the scene.
So, as you have seen it has been some easy to do designs and maybe not the best updates at all on the blog, but know you know why.

In the middle of all of that, we got an urgent call. A friend of my sister in law needed someone to take their dog since they couldn’t take care of her anymore.
Said and done, of course we said we could take her in and see if she was a dog for us.
Sadly, we both (my boyfriend and I) agreed last night that this is not a dog for us. Even how cute and cuddly she is, always want to snuggle and lay beside you in the sofa, we just cant take here in.
The cat disagrees a lot, and its not the kind of dog we wanted since we are out of the home a lot. So with sad puppy eyes we have to leave her back to the owners.
And I really hope that they find a home she deserves, because she just amazing and really cute.

Have a nice day all, and I hope I get my inspiration for nails back soon. ^.^


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