Hello, sweet sweet candy!

Yes, I just love sweets and candy nail art. This design is a bit difficult to do, so I skiped the tutorial. But when I finished the nails I realized I should have done one for the background.
No hard feelings thou, because I have a bunch of tutorials coming soon.
These nails are as pretty as a sweet summer breeze.

For the background I have used Isadoras Marzipan in a french manicure except for ring finger where I covered the hole nail.
Then I got Depends 246, the one I like to call The perfekt pink, and did 2 stripes on each finger from the tip up except on ring finger where I did them side to side.
After all that I put on a top coat and some cuticle oil.
I got that design on for a couple of days now and it still looked flawless.
But this saterday we’re going to a big party and I thought the nails needed something extra, and extra I did.

I began sculpting in acrylic on some forms. 1 flower, 2 flowers, a bow, lace, hearts and candy. Then I thought: Why not glue them onto the nails.

And here’s the result:
The right hand with flowers, a bow and lace with green rhinestones:

And the left hand with the hearts, candy and a stone with glitter I made out of acrylic surrounded with rhinestones and beads:


This was a fun nail art. And I might do a tutorial for acrylic sculpting. But that’s just a big maybe.
Stay tuned for more easy nail art tutorials. Have a nice evening ^.^



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