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I’ve come to a point in my life where I need to take a break.
I have no idea for how long or if its going to be forever, that will time decide.

I recently got a job and with that job came hard damage to my nails and hands.

So, for now I will say godbye and thanks to all of my followers for keeping me going this far.

And as I said. I might be back or I might not. Right now I’m taking a huge break to pick up my own pieces and concentrate on my own life.

All love to all nail girls out there, keep on going. Bye! ^.^


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Ohhh bummer!

Ouupsii Dasiy! I’ve just realized that I’ve totally forgot this blogs 1:st year anniversary last month (august). Well that was a real bummer, haha! But now we got a whole new fresh design and hopefully a fresh new start again.

Happy 1:st year to Kiyomi-Nails! ūüėÄ


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Yeah ok, here it goes.

I’ve been telling you that I have had a lot to do lately and here comes the story, so for you who don’t have the urge to read you can move on.

I’ve been feeling very low lately. Mostly because some shitty things that’s family related. My mothers sister died in cancer about 3 weeks ago after 4 years of fighting it. She was 1 year younger then me and many questions have swirled around in head. Also been busy in phone talking about life in general with my mom, and tried to be a support for her.

That have taking a lot of time from my “normal” days routine. But now that everything has settled I feel relaxed, but my nail inspiration has fled the scene.
So, as you have seen it has been some easy to do designs and maybe not the best updates at all on the blog, but know you know why.

In the middle of all of that, we got an urgent call. A friend of my sister in law needed someone to take their dog since they couldn’t take care of her anymore.
Said and done, of course we said we could take her in and see if she was a dog for us.
Sadly, we both (my boyfriend and I) agreed last night that this is not a dog for us. Even how cute and cuddly she is, always want to snuggle and lay beside you in the sofa, we just cant take here in.
The cat disagrees a lot, and its not the kind of dog we wanted since we are out of the home a lot. So with sad puppy eyes we have to leave her back to the owners.
And I really hope that they find a home she deserves, because she just amazing and really cute.

Have a nice day all, and I hope I get my inspiration for nails back soon. ^.^

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Looking back

I just got a little nostalgic.

Was looking¬†through¬†my blog posts and saw how long I have come. Have much better I have become and where I¬īm heading. I¬īm amazed of how much I have done, and where I stand at this very moment.

I had some ups and downs, but this blog actually kept me going on, knowing that I¬īm good at what I do. This blog has¬†strengthen¬†me, made me stronger and made me believe in myself.

When started this blog back in august last year I had no idea what this would mean to me. Sure, I had some monthly lacks of post, started out with an huge amount of updates and was really excited. It turned out to be a job that I¬†wasn’t¬†getting paid for. So I had to tone it down, making less updates and just concentrate on what I really loved. Nail art.

During this period I’ve also been sick, both in physical and mental. The mental sickness took over a lot of times and during those periods I didn’t update at all.

Overall I just want to say a  B I G  Thank You for still following me and not giving up on me, even thou my mind play tricks on me some times.



Ohh, I¬īve also added a¬†category¬†for all the tutorials I have and for future ones.

Have a nice day ^.^

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Not only nails…

I do not only do nails, I also do my hair (apperently).
I got so tired of my big messy hair that I had to do something about it. And with a hairdresser being to expensive and me never being happy with the haircut, I decided to do it my self.
Looked up some tutorials on youtube and got going.
Here before and after pics, guess wich is wich :p


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New nail art ideas please!

Yes, I need some new nail art ideas. My head is totally blank. I want some girly, spring nail art. What do you want to see? Do you got some ideas? I will appriciate every comment.

Take care ^.^


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Nail art attempt. Failed!

I saw the amazing and wounderful nail art by a guy on facebook. It really got to me and I thought I could give it a try.
It didnt look hard at all so I got going with my none dominate hand (left) and painted my right. But oh my good! I’m terrible with my leftie. I have to practice alot more.

Ohh, well. It was a good first try.
Check out Corsi Geometricstyle for the awesome nail art.


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