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Tutorial – Neon Abstract

So I thought why not keep going down this neon style nail art?


What I used:

  1. Base coat
  2. Isadora – Marzipan
  3. Kiss – Neon pink
  4. Kiss – Neon purple
  5. Kiss – Silver glitter
  6. Top coat

This design are very easy to do but still look like you’ve spend ages on it.

  1. First of all, paint your base coat and you’re base color. Naglar Nya
  2. Then start with your pink and draw some triangles or squares on all your nails.
  3. Do this with your purple as well.
  4. Taking your silver glitter and draw some lines and make some dots.
  5. Do the same with purple and pink.
  6. Top coat and your done.

You can use your favorite color in different shades or make it pop out with some extreme colors.

This my end results using this simple technique for some fancy nail art, and everyone I’ve done it on loves it. (Click on pictures to enlarge them)




Shaky hands? Follow my clean up tutorial here.

That’s all for now, have a nice day ^.^

Feeling inspired by KiyomiNails? Share your inspired nail art here:



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In sickness and…

Yeah, its that time of year when me and my son gets every disease that is out there. Right now, some nasty cold with headace, soaring throat and coughing. We have fun times over here ^.^

But, I’ve also been busting my ass off with a new sofa and some other stuff and you can find that on my other blog Ditotillbaka. This blog are in swedish thou, but if I got it all right you have a translate option you can use.

So, for my nails that I actually also have done just before I got sick, I came up with this:

I’ve tried some new things with acrylic extensions instead of tips or gel. I had to extend them because almost all of them broke during my homedecorating.
And on top of the acrylic extension I used gel, filed and shaped. Toped the nails with a design in acrylic paint and some 3d flowers.

Thats all for now, have a nice evening ^.^


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Happy New Year!

Yep. New Year are here and I’m soon on my way to spend time with a friend and our familys. This is gonna be my last post for this year. And I´m gonna take a break to middle of january for planning and getting a new fresh start.

I’m also glad to show you the result of my new Nail-corner/work-area/where-the-magic-are-about-to-happen-area. It’s not a big space but it is a fold up table. All the cred goes to my BF for putting it together, and to me for painting it.
And here’s the table when folded up against the wall. I’m thinking about painting it with some flowers to make it pretty looking.223
And here comes the best of 2012:s Nail art:













I wanna thank you all for being my followers and for all the lovley comments. You are the ones that keeps me going.
Well thats all for this year, and I´ll see you all next years.
Have a Really Happy New Year ^.^

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So, I had in mind to share some tips and trix with you all today but I have been struggeling with getting my own server up. And finally, after 2 days of instant work, it is up and running. Now there’s only a minor things left but I can sort those things out later. An awsome women can handle and take care of her own buissnes 😉
Sharing some pics for you until I got the tips and trix finished 😉

Acrylic nails with stripes and flowers

Gel nails with orange mani and cute flower stickers

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Friday news

It is time for the Friday news to take place. What I´m gonna share with you all today is the sad truth about the nail industry.

MMA in acrylics have been banned from the market a long time, BUT it is still used. Often in cheap nail salons, salons with a set of acrylic nails for $30 or cheap products that everyone can get on the internet.

And yes this is today! It still happens all around the globe that inexperienced so called nail-techs uses this cheap acrylic with MMA.

Here are a link from youtube. Take time and listen to it.



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Then it was time to get sick. Bahh, hate being sick. Here’s a set of acrylic nails with an abstract design made in nailpolish. I call it “A diffrent type of pink”. 😉


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Working working

So, I have been working together a little info about acrylic nails. You can find it at the top meny under acrylic nails. Please let me know if I left something out or if you can come up with something that isnt there. Thank you and kisses to you all for being there 😉

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