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Tutorial – Argyle Nail Art for PolishUsPink

Yep, its October and the autumn is here. The leaves change their color and the nights are getting longer.


It´s getting colder and soon the snow will fall. Within our hearts there are still warm so that why we continuing the PolishUsPink from TheSubtleShimmer for Breast Cancer Aweareness.

My heart goes to all women out their fighting their cancer, not only breast cancer but all sorts of cancer.


This is my PolishUsPink nail art tutorial for you and this is what you will need:

Naglar Nya1Naglar Nya

  1. Base coat.
  2. Pink Polish, I’ve used Depend nr: 246.
  3. Acrylic paint, pink and purple.
  4. Top coat.

Start by painting your nails with your base coat and pink polish and let everything dry completely.

Then start doing your argyle pattern with your acrylic paint.

To do the diamond shapes easy start with a cross and the line the tops of the cross and simply fill the square you got.

I’ve done my square pattern with 2 different shades of pink but you can do yours with only one if you want to.Once the acrylic paint has dried, take out your purple and draw some small lines that looks like stitches over the squares.

Once dry apply top coat and your done.

For those of you with shaky hands, follow my clean up tutorial here.



Have a nice day and take care ^.^



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Camouflage Nail Art Tutorial

So, yeah. Here we go with my lost photos of this tutorial. I thought they where on the laptop, but I was wrong.

I´m such a confused girl, but at least I found the pictures. They actually where in my posses all the time, at my extended hard drive. Blaahh.

So with the findings of my pictures here we go.


For this design you will need:

Base coat, nude polish, green, yellow and black acrylic paint and a matte top coat.

Start by paint your nails with your base coat and apply your nude polish. In this picture I used 2 coats of my nude color.



After that I started to mix the acrylic paint until I got the 3 colors I wanted. Started with the darkest one of my choice which where brown.



After that I added the next color in line, the darker green one.



Last I added the lightest color, the green-yellow color.



Once dry, paint your nails with the matte top coat and your good to go.

Having trouble with getting neat nails – Follow my cleanup tutorial right Here.

Have a nice weekend all ^.^

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Cherry blossom nail art tutorial

Cherry Blossom festival coming up this Saturday and to celebrate that I have made a tutorial on cherry blossom nail art.
Also did this because I´ve been away from the blog along time. I haven’t really been the best on updates or even nails of all kinds lately.
And for that reason, some amount of guilt and in real life problems I’m giving you this tutorial. ^.^

So, starting of with what you need:
Base coat, background color, nail art striper polish /or/ Striper brush, acrylic paint /or/ Nail polish, glitter nail polish, dotting tool, top coat.
I´ve used:
Depend base coat, Depend nr 227, Kiss Nail art paint, acrylic colors, viva la diva purple glitter polish, Nails Perfect Top coat and a dotting tool.

1.Started of with base coat and 2 layers of my background color. This is a green polish with tones of blue and glitter in it, but it was really hard to capture the beauty of it.


2. By using kiss nail art paint I started to draw the branches of my trees. This doesn’t have to be neat and perfect because, hey its trees, ever seen perfect straight branches in reality?

3. The I got my acrylic paint, or if you doesn’t have any, use different tones of pink, purple or mix your own by using the polishes you want. Now I started to do dots, a lot of dots. First in light pink then in a mix of light and dark pink and purple and last I used the glitter polish from Viva la Diva.



4. Once done with all the dotting. Apply a top coat and your done. Wihoo ^.^
( And for those of you that have unsteady hand I also have a tutorial for cleanup process right here )



I hope you all are feeling good and take care until next time ^.^


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I´ve been doing some really boring things lately. So boring that I even got a migraine! But those who wait for something good, waits just to damn long. But in this case it’s just necessary. I will announce exactly what when I get all things in place. Exiting? I know!

I’ve also advanced with the photo. Got a new camera (instead of my phone), some good lightning and I also have made a good progress with understanding Gimp (Kinda like Photoshop, but free).
So I’m gonna give you a picture of the first nails with all the above. I call this progress. ^.^
I think the watermark needs some work, but other then that I thinks its pretty good.

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Happy New Year!

Yep. New Year are here and I’m soon on my way to spend time with a friend and our familys. This is gonna be my last post for this year. And I´m gonna take a break to middle of january for planning and getting a new fresh start.

I’m also glad to show you the result of my new Nail-corner/work-area/where-the-magic-are-about-to-happen-area. It’s not a big space but it is a fold up table. All the cred goes to my BF for putting it together, and to me for painting it.
And here’s the table when folded up against the wall. I’m thinking about painting it with some flowers to make it pretty looking.223
And here comes the best of 2012:s Nail art:













I wanna thank you all for being my followers and for all the lovley comments. You are the ones that keeps me going.
Well thats all for this year, and I´ll see you all next years.
Have a Really Happy New Year ^.^

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I’ve joined a challange on instagram. Mostly for my self so I can see if I can accomplish this. It’s called #12daysofnailart, so it’s a good start since it’s my first challange. And the fact that it isnt all of the days of december makes it perfect.
The girl started this on IG are called @feliifel. And here are the pics so far starting with day 1, theme: snowflakes/snowmen: (painted with my left hand, looks awful :p)

Day 2, theme: gingerbreadmen:

Day 3, theme: red, white and green.

Have a nice evening ^.^


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Not ready..

I’m at the moment not ready to remove my essie – leading lady polish so I decided to do a simple nail art design. Not to fancy, but just a little something.
And here’s the result 😉

I also got the time to try out my new acrylic paint and the new brushes. I had to cut one of them to fit my needs and I didnt get to use the other one. But I think I will need it soon.

Have a nice day all ^.^

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