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Tutorial – Back to school nail art

Yeah, I know that I´m a bit late with this tutorial. But I´m only human, and running 2 blogs and a life, I find that life has the most priority.


But here are my back to school Nail art, and yeah it is a tutorial.

Its inspired by 2 lovely ladies out there in the nail community, PolishAlcoholic and Cutepolish.

You will need:

  • Base coat
  • Black and white polish
  • Pink, blue and red polish
  • Matte top coat

Lets begin with a coat of your favorite base coat and 2 coats of black except for the index finger where I painted 2 coats of white:

After that has dried, start to draw your letters or numbers on the black painted nails and make some stripes onto your white:

Then use your pink to paint your other letters or numbers to your black nails and use the red to draw a line from cuticle to free edge on one side on your white nail:

Apply your favorite Matte Top coat and your good to go:
And dont forget to take care of your cuticles.

For you with messy hands, you can find my clean up tutorial here.

That´s alla for now. Have a nice day ^.^



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Mani fail.

I was supposed to do some amazing nail art. But with a sick son I didnt make it very far. I made it this far:

All just black, and didnt even had time for a clean up. Well, my son are my life and nothing are more importent then him. So hopefully I got time tomorrow to finish the nails of. Have a nice friday all ^.^


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Lone time

I had in mind that me and my son was gonna have a mom-son time this evening with a movie and snacks, but he fell asleep. I was so bored so I decided to take care of my nails. It was supposed to be something totaly diffrent and maybe some more to the design, but I got tired and wanted to go to bed. Here’s the result of what I got so far and who knows, maybe I just keep them like this. It’s kinda cute, dont you think?


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