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Camouflage Nail Art Tutorial

So, yeah. Here we go with my lost photos of this tutorial. I thought they where on the laptop, but I was wrong.

I´m such a confused girl, but at least I found the pictures. They actually where in my posses all the time, at my extended hard drive. Blaahh.

So with the findings of my pictures here we go.


For this design you will need:

Base coat, nude polish, green, yellow and black acrylic paint and a matte top coat.

Start by paint your nails with your base coat and apply your nude polish. In this picture I used 2 coats of my nude color.



After that I started to mix the acrylic paint until I got the 3 colors I wanted. Started with the darkest one of my choice which where brown.



After that I added the next color in line, the darker green one.



Last I added the lightest color, the green-yellow color.



Once dry, paint your nails with the matte top coat and your good to go.

Having trouble with getting neat nails – Follow my cleanup tutorial right Here.

Have a nice weekend all ^.^


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Cleaning day! But I dont want to, feeling so lazy and it didnt get any cleaner when my cat came up and layed down in my lap. So I’m gonna stay here and cuddle with him for a while.



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Rain, rain, rain. It’s been poring down outside for 2 days now and it looks like it’s gonna rain for ever. Maybe I should take a good clean up and a makeover at the workstation. Yep, think thats what I’m gonna do today, cuz I’m just THAT bored. 😉

Just an awesome and funny pic :p

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