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Wooden Nail art tutorial

Its time for another tutorial. This time my inspiration was wood. I like the wooden textures and all the different kinds of brown tones and pattern there is.

So here´s my wooden nails.

What you will need:

Base coat (not in the picture), Nude-, brown-, black-, red-, gold-, yellow- polish and matte top coat.

You can do this with just a bunch of brown tones also, but since I didn’t have that I mixed my own tones of brown.



1. Start of with base coat and your nude polish. This nude are from elf-cosmetics and this is one of my absolutely favorites among the nudes Iv’e tried.



2. Bring out one of your lighter brown polish or mix your own like me. I mixed dark brown with yellow and gold. Draw lines in a wooden pattern and if you doesn’t know any wooden patter you can google it and find loads of wooden textures. You have to work quite fast so the polish wont get dry and mess up your design. Another trick is to poor a small amount of polish on a wax paper, foil or paper plate and paint one nail at the time.



3. Next up is to take another brown polish darker to the one you just used. I mixed red, brown and gold for a more darker and red-toned appearance. Remember That the lines doesn’t have to be neat and perfect. And don’t be afraid to be a bit unsteady and shaky on your hand, that will only make it more naturally.



4. Now to the black part. Iv’e just added a few stripes to make a depth to the design, making it look like shadow.



5. To finish this of top and seal your design with a matte top coat and your done.





Hope you’ve liked this tutorial and have a nice weekend. ^.^


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