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Tutorial – Neon madness nail art

I went crazy and collected all my Kiss Nail art paint polishes and started doing some crazy nail art.

What you will need:


  • Base coat
  • White, black, silver polish
  • A bunch of neon colors
  1. Start with a base coat and one layer of white. The white doesn’t have to be neat, this is just a base for your neon so that they will pop out even more.
  2. Once that has dried you will paint your base color. I went for the pink one and it really stands out alot.
  3. When that has dried it´s time for the art to take place. On one of the nails start with doing stripes in black.
  4. Then stripes in silver glitter.
  5. Add dots with black on the black lines.
  6. Last but not least add pink dots inside the black dots.
  7. Moving on to the next nails. Paint 2 thicker lines with the neon blue down the middle of the nails.
  8. Add a silver line and 3 dots in the middle of the blue.
  9. In between the silver dots and the on the border of the pink and blue, add 2 pink dots on either side of the blue.
  10. Add pink dots inside the silver ones and add silver dots inside the pink ones.
  11. On the pinky I simply added some purple dots all over the nail.
  12. Then added pink dots inside the purple ones.
  13. And last but not least I added purple dots inside the pink ones.
  14. Top coat and tadaa!


050 (2)

*Note: I messed up number 5 and 6 in the tutorial picture.

Have a nice day ^.^

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