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Friday news

And while we’re at it. I think its fabilous that so many brands involve in breast cancer awareness. The nail industri is’nt far behind either. Here are some of the nail polish brands supporting BCA, and there are probably more out there.
Here’s the collection from OPI:

And another from Essie:

China Glaze:


And from Orly:

Have a lovley Friday, I know I will 😉


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Friday news

Time for Friday news. Today I’m gonna share some nailtrends for you. Nailtrends comes and goes, just like trends in makeup and fashion. In the fashion week in NewYork we could spot alot of new fashions but I’m gonna concentrate on the nailart. This autum the nailarts gonna depend on darker and more daring colors then we have seen this spring. So, for all of the trendfollowers out there, here’s some pictures for you. 😉

Here you can see the traditional black with matte and clear.

Here are the same black with matte and clear but with some flower nailart in clear.


Here you got 2 sets of nails painted in a nude polish and then a small strait line at the tip. Choose the color you like the most and go. 😉

Here you got the ruffian style of nails. You can easly make this with matte or clear topcoat or take it a bit outside the box and use neon polish. Or just simply the colors you like the most. If I would do ruffian manicure I would go for a pink and purple with a matte topcoat. 😉

Here we have the same manicure as the nude and strait but simply replaced the nude with a bold color.

Last but not least. This is a must have nail polish. From OPI and it got gold flakes in it. Paint it over your favourite nail polish and stand out. 😉
So what you all think of these new nailtrends 😉

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