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Tutorial – Argyle Nail Art for PolishUsPink

Yep, its October and the autumn is here. The leaves change their color and the nights are getting longer.


It´s getting colder and soon the snow will fall. Within our hearts there are still warm so that why we continuing the PolishUsPink from TheSubtleShimmer for Breast Cancer Aweareness.

My heart goes to all women out their fighting their cancer, not only breast cancer but all sorts of cancer.


This is my PolishUsPink nail art tutorial for you and this is what you will need:

Naglar Nya1Naglar Nya

  1. Base coat.
  2. Pink Polish, I’ve used Depend nr: 246.
  3. Acrylic paint, pink and purple.
  4. Top coat.

Start by painting your nails with your base coat and pink polish and let everything dry completely.

Then start doing your argyle pattern with your acrylic paint.

To do the diamond shapes easy start with a cross and the line the tops of the cross and simply fill the square you got.

I’ve done my square pattern with 2 different shades of pink but you can do yours with only one if you want to.Once the acrylic paint has dried, take out your purple and draw some small lines that looks like stitches over the squares.

Once dry apply top coat and your done.

For those of you with shaky hands, follow my clean up tutorial here.



Have a nice day and take care ^.^



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Its monday and this week starts with a nail art for PolishUsPink to suport all the lovely ladies fighting cancer. To join PolishUsPink please check out TheSubtleShimmers blog for more info.

This network and this brilliant idea and will keep going throughout October.

Here comes my share of this monday nail art. It’s a white base with dry marble. To the marble I used 2 different pinks and a glitter. On ring finger I did 2 hearts using the dry marble tecnique and same polish as the rest.



And for all the girls in sweden here comes some links about Breast cancer.

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