Still here

Nope, have’nt gone underground, I’m still here.
But we’re on vacation so thats why I have’nt posted lately. Still on vacation for another week.

And I’ve fallen for the fashion with white nails. So heres my nails right now.

See you again when we get back to normal days again. ^.^



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Inspired by Lena Quist

So, yesterday I had a wounderful conversation with my childhood friend and I felt so inspired to do something I have wanted to do for a really long time.

This nail art are inspired by Lena Quist and her creations she has done. I admire this girl so much and she is absolutley amazing. Lena are my inspiration and I’m so happy to know her. Enough said. This is for you Lena ;).


You can find Lena at
Have a nice evening all ^.^

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Camouflage Nail Art Tutorial

So, yeah. Here we go with my lost photos of this tutorial. I thought they where on the laptop, but I was wrong.

I´m such a confused girl, but at least I found the pictures. They actually where in my posses all the time, at my extended hard drive. Blaahh.

So with the findings of my pictures here we go.


For this design you will need:

Base coat, nude polish, green, yellow and black acrylic paint and a matte top coat.

Start by paint your nails with your base coat and apply your nude polish. In this picture I used 2 coats of my nude color.



After that I started to mix the acrylic paint until I got the 3 colors I wanted. Started with the darkest one of my choice which where brown.



After that I added the next color in line, the darker green one.



Last I added the lightest color, the green-yellow color.



Once dry, paint your nails with the matte top coat and your good to go.

Having trouble with getting neat nails – Follow my cleanup tutorial right Here.

Have a nice weekend all ^.^

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Yeah, so I was supposed to update my blog with some new tutorials last week until I realized that my boyfriend to my laptop on a trip out of the country.
On that laptop was all my photos of the tutorials I wanted to share with you all.

I really had a hard time remebering where a had the photos and I searched like an idiot for them, with no luck ofcourse. I feel alot better now that I know the photos are still in my poses and not deleted.

But, for today I just got photos of my nails as they look at the moment.
Boyfriend did come home last night, so now I can promise you: There will be tutorials coming right up. Until then, enjoy this nail art I did today.


Have a nice evening ^.^

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Hello, sweet sweet candy!

Yes, I just love sweets and candy nail art. This design is a bit difficult to do, so I skiped the tutorial. But when I finished the nails I realized I should have done one for the background.
No hard feelings thou, because I have a bunch of tutorials coming soon.
These nails are as pretty as a sweet summer breeze.

For the background I have used Isadoras Marzipan in a french manicure except for ring finger where I covered the hole nail.
Then I got Depends 246, the one I like to call The perfekt pink, and did 2 stripes on each finger from the tip up except on ring finger where I did them side to side.
After all that I put on a top coat and some cuticle oil.
I got that design on for a couple of days now and it still looked flawless.
But this saterday we’re going to a big party and I thought the nails needed something extra, and extra I did.

I began sculpting in acrylic on some forms. 1 flower, 2 flowers, a bow, lace, hearts and candy. Then I thought: Why not glue them onto the nails.

And here’s the result:
The right hand with flowers, a bow and lace with green rhinestones:

And the left hand with the hearts, candy and a stone with glitter I made out of acrylic surrounded with rhinestones and beads:


This was a fun nail art. And I might do a tutorial for acrylic sculpting. But that’s just a big maybe.
Stay tuned for more easy nail art tutorials. Have a nice evening ^.^


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Boys want nail art too

Yeah! Men want nails!

Got a special call from my sister in law’s boyfriend today. He wanted one of his nails painted with a skull.
My first thought: ohh heeeell nooo! But I did it and for being my first skull nail art I think I did really good.

To bad the picture not showing the proper dept with the shadowed parts.

Until next time ^.^

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Yeah ok, here it goes.

I’ve been telling you that I have had a lot to do lately and here comes the story, so for you who don’t have the urge to read you can move on.

I’ve been feeling very low lately. Mostly because some shitty things that’s family related. My mothers sister died in cancer about 3 weeks ago after 4 years of fighting it. She was 1 year younger then me and many questions have swirled around in head. Also been busy in phone talking about life in general with my mom, and tried to be a support for her.

That have taking a lot of time from my “normal” days routine. But now that everything has settled I feel relaxed, but my nail inspiration has fled the scene.
So, as you have seen it has been some easy to do designs and maybe not the best updates at all on the blog, but know you know why.

In the middle of all of that, we got an urgent call. A friend of my sister in law needed someone to take their dog since they couldn’t take care of her anymore.
Said and done, of course we said we could take her in and see if she was a dog for us.
Sadly, we both (my boyfriend and I) agreed last night that this is not a dog for us. Even how cute and cuddly she is, always want to snuggle and lay beside you in the sofa, we just cant take here in.
The cat disagrees a lot, and its not the kind of dog we wanted since we are out of the home a lot. So with sad puppy eyes we have to leave her back to the owners.
And I really hope that they find a home she deserves, because she just amazing and really cute.

Have a nice day all, and I hope I get my inspiration for nails back soon. ^.^

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